Chia-an Cheng

- Handmade with dedication and love


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Every piece is handmade with finest craftsmanship and customized to our client’s charm. Uniquely designed with quality finishing, our jewellery is perfect for someone would love to have a bespoke piece to pass down for generation to generation.

We treat each piece of our work as a miniature art which can be worn with a sense of joy and pride. Everyone is unique so why don’t you wear a uniquely designed jewellery that expresses your inner self?

Chia-an Cheng is a jewellery designer lives currently in Brisbane, Australia. Based on her lifelong interest and passion in designing fine art, she expresses her creativity and talent by turning precious metals and finest gemstones into aesthetic jewellery pieces. She has a BA degree in Industrial Design and had 4 years of professional training on the bench to refine her practical skill in jewellery craftsmanship. This unconventional experience of trainings gave her jewellery detailed expression combined with unique innovation that has a strong aesthetic appeal.

Top 3 Jewelry Designer - Miami Fashion Week 2014

Winner of JAA Australia Jewellery Awards 
- Queensland Apprentice of the Year 2013

Winner of JAA Australia Jewellery Awards 
- Best Overall Design 2013

Winner of JAA Australia Jewellery Awards 
- Best Technical Aspects 2013

Winner of JAA Australia Jewellery Awards 
– Australia Apprentice of the Year 2010

Winner of JAA Australia Jewellery Awards
– Design and Craftsmanship Award 2010


  • City: Brisbane
  • State: Queensland
  • Country: Australia