Art Clay Copper Firing Guide

Art Clay Copper can be fired in a kiln or with a butane torch.

The sintering temperature for Copper is in the range of 750ºC to 1000ºC.
The melting point of Copper is 1085ºC

With metal clays we are aiming to sinter the green piece and not melt it.  The completeness of the sintering process will depend on the amount and thickness of the metal clay, the sintering temperature used and the time held at the sintering temperature.

Kiln Firing of Art Clay Copper

Butane Torch Firing of Art Clay Copper


NOTE: If a hot, fired piece is left to cool in the kiln or open air after firing, the oxidized layer will be thicker and small bits may fly into the air. If you have fired a piece and will not be quenching it, cover it immediately after firing with fiber blanket until cool.

If you would prefer not to quench your piece, and still want to prevent firescale, you may choose to bury Art Clay Copper in activated carbon, in a
stainless steel firing pan, and fire at 750ºC. Allow to cool in the kiln.