Art Clay Silver Lace Ball Ear Ring   Sue Ashpole

A precious metal clay combines metal powders with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln, torch or stove top fired, the binders burn away and the metal sinters - the clay is transformed into a solid piece of hand crafted silver jewellery.  Typical metals used are silver, gold or alloys of copper.

WHat are the main brands of metal clay?

Art Clay Silver & PMC are two different brands of clay-like materials that shape easily, then amazingly fire into a pure metal object! They can be formed and worked just as you would clay.

Why Choose Art Clay Silver?

Highest Purity

Art Clay products are crafted through a patented process that delivers the highest purity available from any metal clay. Silver (99.9%) , copper (more than 99.5% copper), and gold (22K) - provides quality to match the uniqueness of the jewellery produced.

Lowest Shrinkage

Owing to subtle differences in the binder and suggested firing times, Art Clay Silver shrinks less than the PMC versions, approximately 8–10%.1 This makes it a good choice for creating sized designs, such as rings and earrings.

1. Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_clay

Broadest Range of Formulations

Art Clay Silver offers a range of formulations so the artist is freed to craft their vision with confidence in the quality and versatility of the material.

The main types are

  • Clay Type 
  • Paste Type
  • Syringe Type
  • Art Clay 950
  • Paper Type
  • Gold
  • Copper

Ease of Use

Art Clay fires at a low temperature in a short time! Allowing firing with a propane torch, or even on a gas stove top.


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